What Is the Best Season in Texas for a Backyard Barbecue?

If you’ve ever visited Texas, you know by now that barbecue is a time-honored tradition in the Lone Star State. Most Texans ring in an important occasion with a good old-fashioned barbecue, whether it’s a birthday party, a graduation, or a wedding.

The name barbecue comes from the Spanish word barbacoa, or grill, which describes the process of how meat is roasted. In Texas, barbecue is both a verb and a noun – encompassing the process of barbecuing meat, as well as a social event.

What Are the Most Popular Barbecue Holidays?

If you’re planning an upcoming celebration, it may be time to invite a few friends over to enjoy some delicious BBQ on your backyard deck. According to the Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association, the most popular barbecuing holidays include:

July 4: 71%
Memorial Day: 57%
Labor Day: 55%
As you’re getting ready to fire up that grill, you’re most likely to throw on a burger or even a steak at 85% and 80% respectively. 79% of barbecuers prefer hot dogs, and 73% opt to grill chicken instead. Popular flavors of barbecue sauce for a home backyard celebration include hickory, mesquite, honey, and spicy hot, respectively.

Barbecue Season Never Ends in Texas

Though the most popular barbecue holidays range from May to September, true Texans know that barbecue season never stops year-round. Even when temperatures drop in December or January, it’s still perfectly acceptable to fire up the backyard grill or barbecue pit and invite a few friends over for some baby back ribs.

It should come as no surprise that Austin has been named the number 5 barbecue city in America by US News. While Austin has a bustling live music scene, it also has a prevalent Texas barbecue culture with more than 60 restaurants to choose from.

In a city like Austin, you’re most likely to find typical barbecue fare of pulled pork, sausage, beef brisket, and ribs. Barbecue in the city can be enjoyed at a fine dining establishment, as well as from a roadside food truck.

Since barbecue season never ceases in Texas, you can feed your inner beast at a local restaurant or in a backyard barbecue any time of year. Charcoal is sold year-round at corner stores and grocery stores throughout Texas; renowned barbecue restaurants keep their pits fired up in each season to serve hungry customers finger-licking favorites with sides of coleslaw, potato salad, and creamed corn.

Although barbecuing is a part of our culture already and is prevalent in any home, we must also ensure safety precautions while we are making a barbecue. It advisable to do it at least 5 meters from the nearest combustible material like wood and do it in an open area. There’s a chance the your home insurance might not cover any damages resulting to fire accidents that might occur when you are doing your barbecue.